• Abdessamad Temmar is an appsec engineer at an asset management french company, and an active contributor to the OWASP community. Previous speaking engagements includes both DevOps and Security/Hacking conferences.

  • Gian-Luca Frei is an experienced Application Security Consultant based in Singapore, currently working at Zühlke. With a passion for security, Gian-Luca has a proven track record of securing systems with the highest security standards, including e-banking portals and health applications. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of application security, having worked in the industry for several years. Gian-Luca is also the founder and co-leader of the OWASP Application Gateway Project, which focuses on developing open-source tools to help secure web applications. In addition to his professional engagements, Gian-Luca is a researcher at heart. He has a keen interest in modern cryptographic protocols and has conducted extensive research in this field. His contributions have been recognized with the ISSS Excellence Award in 2019.

  • Ashwin Shenoi is an avid application security enthusiast who currently works as a Senior Security Engineer at CRED and likes to break into applications and automate stuff. He is part of team bi0s, the top ranked CTF team according to CTFTime. He heads the Web Security team at team bi0s and is also the core challenge setter and organiser of the various editions of InCTF and the other CTFs organised by team bi0s. He is also a Security Trainer with 7ASecurity and has presented talks and security trainings in various security conferences including BlackHat Asia, BlackHat USA, BlackHat Europe, Nullcon, ThreatCon etc. He does a fair share of breaking into open source applications services and has also been awarded several CVEs for the same.

  • Dr. John DiLeo is leader of the OWASP New Zealand Chapter and, in his day job, is a lead Solution Architect at IriusRisk, covering the Asia/Pacific region. Before joining IriusRisk, John led the Application Security Services team at Datacom Systems NZ, providing support and guidance to clients in launching, managing, and maturing their enterprise software assurance programs. Before turning to full-time roles in security, John was active as a Java enterprise architect and Web application developer. In earlier lives, John has been a full-time professor and had specialised in developing discrete-event simulations of large distributed systems. John is on the core team for the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model SAMM Project, leads the OWASP State of AppSec Survey Project, and is a member of the OWASP Education and Training Committee.